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QUANTARCTIC Chronicles: The First 90 Days

Three months ago at Stony Brook University we were making the QUANTARCTIC website for flux quantum computing ready to go live on August 17, 2017. But going public was just the first and relatively simple step.

As always, the major challenge is to create value for the members and visitors of the site.  This is something very different from writing a scientific paper or research proposal tuned to a professional audience. Creating value for our community is a process, not a single act, that requires interaction between people.  For the first stage of this process our goal was to attract people, especially those who never heard about flux quantum computing.

As a designer, I had an opportunity to work with people from big corporations, defense contractors, and government agencies in several countries. When talking to policy makers and business managers who (to put it mildly) usually have a very basic understanding of technical issues, you always have a limited amount of time, and, in most cases, just a single page to convey your ideas to the target audience.

So I decided to treat the newcomers to our field as those high-level officials and started to write The ABCs of Flux Quantum Computing in 300 Words or Less for them.

How successful (or not) was that as well as other things done on our website, you can judge yourself by looking at the QUANTARCTIC website Google stats showing where we are now after the first 90 days.

Users: 503
Pageviews: 6,505
Sessions: 1,494
Pages / Session : 4.35
Avg. Session Duration : 00:05:31
Countries: 27
1. United States
2. Japan
3. South Africa
4. France
5. India
6. Germany
7. Spain
8. Ukraine
9. Canada
10. China
11. Israel
12. Poland
13. Russia
14. Brazil
15. United Kingdom
16. Iran
17. Bangladesh
18. Switzerland
19. Georgia
20. Hong Kong
21. Hungary
22. Libya
23. Macedonia (FYROM)
24. Malaysia
25. Netherlands
26. Norway
27. Thailand


Prof. Mikhail Dorojevets

ECE Dept. Stony Brook University, USA

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