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The story of the QUANTARCTIC community began on June 16, 2017 when it was established by five founding members representing four world continents. Each of us shared the same vision of making flux quantum technology accessible and exciting to work with for professionals as well as people who never heard of it before.

We hope to see new people coming to the field, new ideas, and new projects. We envision a new way of doing research with our research project team members being from any part of the world. The QUANTARCTIC website is created to help with learning, collaboration, and sharing of our knowledge & tools.

We are inviting you to join us in our work on flux quantum computing!

Prof. Mikhail Dorojevets (USA),
Prof. Pascal Febvre (France),
Prof. Coenrad Fourie (South Africa),
Prof. Akira Fujimaki (Japan),
Prof. Nobuyuki Yoshikawa (Japan).


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