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InductEx v5.04 released – tetrahedral meshes, external magnetic fields and hole coupling analysis

A major update for InductEx has been released on 26 August 2017. The latest version is 5.04. Download at

Active license holders can read more about the immediate benefits at the end of this text.

Version 5.04 adds the tetrahedral solver “TetraHenry”, external magnetic field analysis, and our first flux trapping analysis tool to InductEx – features which are explained in much more detail in the User Manual (

We have also improved the user experience of InductEx. A single binary is now provided per operating system, while the license parameters grant access to tiered functionality. We have added a new tier at the top: SUPER. In short, “BASIC” is a rectangular segment inductance calculation tool for single-core users, “PROFESSIONAL” adds constructors, optional tetrahedral segments, and offers advanced parameter extraction for multi-core users with extra control. “SUPER” has all of this functionality, and adds advanced features such as full external field analysis (with a single command) and flux trapping analysis.

The license file format has received a major overhaul to allow multi-tiered functionality in a single binary. You would need a new system identifier, which can be generated with the “-id” switch:

> inductex -id

Other noteworthy changes are:

  1. Parameterized variables have been introduced to the IXI file format, which allows users to define structures in terms of variables. It is now possible to sweep a geometry dimension over successive simulations without resorting to external scripting.
  2. Memory usage of the FFH engine has been reduced, and memory bugs fixed.
  3. The User Manual has been comprehensively revised, with detailed examples now included in the text.
  4. New examples have been created to get users up to speed with new functionality.

All users with paid-up licenses can download the latest version, generate their new system identifiers, and request the InductEx team to issue license keys for v5.04.

As a special offer, all paid-up users will be granted access to one tier above their license until 30 September 2017. Thus, if you are a license holder to InductEx BASIC, you can test InductEx PROFESSIONAL for a month and check out the tetrahedral engine. All PROFESSIONAL license holders can evaluate the field analysis and hole coupling analysis tools of SUPER during this time.


Last, by definitely not least, we welcome Kyle Jackman as a full-time member of our team at SUN Magnetics.


Coenrad Fourie

InductEx team

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