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QUANTARCTIC website grand opening

The QUANTARCTIC website officially went live today.

I’d like to say my sincere THANK YOU to the group of volunteers who came to help me with making this possible.

Prof. Petar Djuric, ECE Dept. Chair, provided funds to purchase equipment and software.

Scott Campbell, John Joseph, and Tony Olivo (ECE Dept. SBU) helped with purchasing and installing equipment and software to host the website.

Sarang Padmakar Pande developed an original version of a Q-map plugin, and then Jia Sheng Ma took over and added new animation features to the plugin.

Xu Jing, Yiwen Wang, and Divith Aruni Babu provided me with a lot of useful information and suggestions on how to use and integrate plugins into the website theme.

I’m deeply touched by their dedication shown in this project.

All shortcomings that you might find when you start using the website are mine, of course.

You are invited to join and build the QUANTARCTIC community.

Mikhail Dorojevets

Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Stony Brook University









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