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About Q-Map (or there is a life under the shadow of CMOS)

The Q-Map is our on-going effort to compile and show all organizations with their recognized and important contributions of any kind into the development of flux quantum computing, or in other words, in superconductor technology.

Showing any organization on the Q-Map does not mean that that organization is a formal member of the QUANTARCTIC community nor that that organization endorses the QUANTARCTIC principles of operation in any way.

We would like to show to the new members of our community that there are many places in the world where people already work on flux quantum architectures, tools, integrated circuits, fabrication processes, theoretical studies, characterization of Josephson junction-based devices, etc.

People from some of these organizations put their logos and contact information to tell more about their work, whereas other people, for whatever reason, do not want to do that. And there will be some organizations shown that have no registered individual members. We respect any way you choose to proceed.

We also need your help to have the Q-Map as complete as possible. You can send the information about the place you think should be on the Q-Map to

Mikhail Dorojevets

Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Stony Brook University

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