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About Us

Our mission is to connect people around the world and to work together on flux quantum computing. Some of us are professionals who have been working for more than 20 years to create the foundations of the field. Now we need you, newcomers, with a passion to learn and do things beyond the ordinary, people who are not afraid of trying and failing at first, but will not give up. After all, QUANTARCTIC is not about technology even as cool as flux quantum one. It is about people born to be creators in this world. Let’s rock.

Key Challenges

Sometimes we might be trying to find solutions to problems to which no solutions exist because they are not problems that can be solved but, actually, the facts of life we have to live with. In flux quantum computing we have been trying for many years to develop fast and dense superconductor memory, high-speed energy-efficient interfaces with the room temperature electronics, etc. Are they solvable problems? Will we see superconductor flux quantum supercomputers in the future? We don’t know that yet. Perhaps the ultimate challenge for everyone is to decide whether it makes sense to devote his/her life to working on something with no guarantees of success.

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